Kato (mifkato) wrote in jrock_surveys,

Survey of online Jrock buying~

Hihi everyone! I have been wondering something for awhile. I hope you guys can help me out by giving me what you think about buying Jrock stuff online.

I notice for awhile now that Jrock on ebay and other places have slowed down from the same time last year. I was wondering why. Is it because people don't like Jrock anymore? Because the quantity of Jrock sold online has increased. Or some other reason. If you used to be frequent jrock ebayer and have slowed a bit. Is there reasons for it? What will attract you to buy again?

I am asking because I have lots of Jrock stuff I want to sell. But, I don't feel like putting it on ebay because sales on their are so ridiculous recently. (><);;;;

Please help me out. Thanks!
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