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hi j-rock survey from me!

Hi I already made this surveys a long long time ago, and I forget it, then suddenly a light struck on my head so I could remember that I have a surveys, it's not a good one, but hey who know someone might like it!
*sigh, this surveys suck I think*
j-rocker surveys:

The most pretty :
the most bishonen :
the tough guy :
the wildest :
the muscle guy :
the scariest :
the funniest :

the first j-rocker you fall in love with :
the first j-rocker you hate :

the most j-rocker you fall in love with :
the most j-rocker you hate :

the one you expect to serve you...
breakfast :
lunch :
dinner :

the one you expect to
clean your house :
gardening :
doing your laundry :
tell a bedtime story :
sing a lullaby :
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