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You and your favourite jrocker...

^_^ I managed to make a little survey, too… it’s not that good, but maybe you like it.
...Imagine you are able to meet your favourite jrocker...

So who’s the lucky jrocker who earned your love?

What do you like most about his personality and why?

What do you not like about him (if there’s even something… x_x;)?

The clothes he looks best in?

Now on to some interesting questions…

If you could spend a day with him (and are able to speak Japanese and jadadada XD), where do you want to go to?

Is he a romantic person? And how does he show that?

So… after having done whatever you felt like doing (hemhem...) he’s showing you his apartment. How does it look like?

He wants to play/sing his part from a certain song for you. What song would you choose?

He did that very well (as expected ^.~) and you want to give him a little present. What would that be?

… his reaction?
1: o.o Can you eat that?
2: OMG! O_O;;; What’s THAT?!
3: … oh… thank you…
4: waaiii! <3 so cute! ^.^ Sanksu! *gives you a peck on the cheek*
5: *nosebleed*
6: *ignores you*

Finally… you talked him into make a little cuddling session with you… you’re sitting on the couch… talking… cuddling… and then?

Even the best day ends sometime and he drives you home. Standing in front of your door he wants do say goodbye to you. How does he do that?

Do you want to meet him again?

Does -he- want to meet you again? (XD)

... Ok... being the crazy fan you are, you break into his apartment and are able to steal three things. What are they?
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